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However, we are unable to ship internationally. This is due to specific
dietary supplements and food restrictions that vary from country to country. Of
course, if you're in the US or any US Territory, we can ship to you directly
from the site.

Our products only contain legal dietary ingredients and are safe for healthy
adults, 18 years of age or older. We do however recommend that you speak with
your primary care physician before beginning a supplement regimen to make sure
you are healthy and able to use the supplement we manufacture, sell and support
to help you throughout your fitness and lifestyle journey.

Provide is expected to be clumpy because the ingredients, ie Hydromax & Agmatine Sulfate, are very hygroscopic powders. When dosed properly, you will get a clumping effect.

Hygroscopic powders are substances that are capable of absorbing moisture from the air. These powders have the ability to absorb moisture from the atmosphere and hold it for an extended period of time. Common examples of hygroscopic powders include baking soda, cornstarch, and talcum powder.

Hydromax glycerol powder is a dietary supplement that is made from glycerol, a sugar alcohol found in plant oils. It is often used as an ingredient in sports drinks and is also used as a supplement to enhance hydration before, during, and after exercise. Hydromax glycerol powder is designed to improve the body’s water retention and endurance, allowing athletes to work out harder and longer. It may also help to reduce fatigue, improve concentration, and decrease muscle cramps.

While formulating Provide, we asked over 500 people what they look for in a
pre-workout. Everything most people want is endurance, pump, more rep
completions, etc. Beta alanine assist with this way more than citrulline does.

Provide was originally formulated for stage competitors like Strongman,
Bodybuilders etc. Most competitors do not want their muscles filled with water
during training. Creatine is most beneficial as a post-workout ingredient.

All supplements are only formulated with safe, legal dietary ingredients of
course. For pre and current employment, law enforcement, armed forces, etc., they
do not have the ability to show as a false positive or positively cause anyone
to fail for an illegal stimulant regarding a Urinalysis.

However, if you are an athlete, we recommend contacting your trainer or
testing facility to make sure that you are able to use the product, as athletes
must abide by specific rules that may differ and be governed by each

In a room temperature set around 72F or 22C.

Never leave in your car, especially if it's warm or hot outside.

Yes, we dose at 260mg which is considered a medium stimulant.

Most people start feeling the effects 15 minutes after ingestion. You may
have tingles in the face and body. For maximum effectiveness, continue to drink
water during training. Expect to feel your muscles pump during a set.

Open the lid and check for a closed seal. After opening the seal, expect to
see soft clumps due to the premium ingredients. Break down a clump by using a
spoon or fork etc. Measure your dose using the scooper. Beginners of pre-workouts
should dose 1/2 to access tolerance. Drop the supplement into water, shake
until dissolved. Drink the full contents.

Anyone that can tolerate stimulating ingredients. Provide is NOT stimulant
free. Ask your physicians for advice and recommendations.


Every order is custom. Please allow 3-5 business days for your custom order to ship. All orders ship via United States Postal Service (USPS). 

At the moment, orders placed on our site are only able to be shipped to addresses within the United States, and of course US territories.

Due to very strict international regulations regarding things such as label regulations and approved ingredients, shipping US specific products sold on our site to international regions can be rigorous and sometimes impossible.

All products are shipped from warehouses across the country. Please note that orders may be split between warehouses due to availability. If you receive a partial order, you can use the 'Help' widget located at the bottom right of this page.

  • These warehouses do not operate on the weekends and most US holidays.


If you purchased the product from our site directly, please reach out to the company at the email address or phone number above. You may also use the 'Help' widget displayed on the bottom left of this article/help desk.